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Journal paper Mòdol L, Cobianchi S, Navarro X. Prevention of NKCC1 phosphorylation avoids down-regulation of KCC2 in central sensory pathways and reduces neuropathic pain after peripheral nerve injury. Pain 2014, 155:1577-1590. UAB WP3
P. Čvančara, T. Boretius, P. Maciejasz, D. Guiraud, T. Stieglitz, “On the stability of implanted thin-film stimulation electrodes”, Proceedings of the annual conference DGBMT, Hannover, Germany, page 1207, 2014 ALU-FR WP 3
P. Cvancara, T. Boretius, T. Stieglitz, “Investigations on stability of implanted nervous thin-film electrodes”, Proceeding of the annual conference IFESS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, page 40, 2014 ALU-FR WP 3
Maciejasz P, Badia J, Souquet G, Cvancara P, PIcq C, Stieglitz T, Navarro X, Guiraud D. Decreasing Stimulation Charge by Delaying the Discharge Phase - Comparison of efficacy for various Stimulation Waveforms. Proc. 7th International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering. Montpellier, 2015, p. 402-405. MXM-OBELIA, UAB, UM, ALU-FR WP 3
López-Alvarez VM, Cobianchi S, Navarro X. Frequency-dependent acute electrical stimulation as a modulator of hyperexcitability and pain in the spared nerve injury model. 5th International Congress on Neuropathic Pain (NeuPSIG 2015). Nice, May 2015. UAB Across
Journal paper Maciejasz P, Badia J, Boretius T, Andreu D, Stieglitz T, Jensen W, Navarro X, Guiraud D. Delaying discharge after the stimulus signicantly decreases muscle activation thresholds with small impact on the selectivity - An in vivo study using TIME electrode. Med Biol Eng Comput 2015, 53:371-379. MXM-OBELIA, UAB, UM, AAU, ALU-FR WP3
Journal paper Casals-Díaz L, Casas C, Navarro X. Changes of voltage-gated sodium channels in sensory nerve regeneration and neuropathic pain models. Restor Neurol Neurosci 2015, 33:321-334. UAB WP3
Journal paper Anders Björkman, MD, PhD, Ulrika Wijk, OT MSc, Christian Antfolk, PhD, Isabella , Birgitta Rosén, OT PhD. Sensory qualities of the phantom hand-map in the residual forearm of amputees. J Rehabil Med. 2016 Apr;48(4):365-70. doi: 10.2340/16501977-2074 ULUND WP2, WP4
Badia J, Raspopovic S, Carpaneto J, Micera S, Navarro X. Spatial and functional selectivity of peripheral nerve signal recording with the transversal intrafascicular multichannel electrode (TIME). IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng 2016, 24:20-27. UAB, EPFL WP3
Journal paper Cobianchi S, Arbat-Plana A, López-Álvarez VM, Navarro X. Neuroprotective effects of exercise treatments after injury: the dual role of neurotrophic factors. Curr Neuropharmacol 2016, in press. UAB WP3, WP5
Journal paper Delgado-Martinez I, Badia J, Pascual-Font A, Rodríguez-Baeza A, Navarro X. Fascicular topography of the human median nerve for neuroprosthetic surgery. Front Neurosci (Neural Technol) 2016, 10:286. UAB WP3, WP5
Journal paper López-Álvarez VM, Modol L, Navarro X, Cobianchi S. Early increasing-intensity treadmill exercise reduces neuropathic pain by preventing nociceptor collateral sprouting and disruption of chloride cotransporters homeostasis after peripheral nerve injury. Pain 2015, 156:1812-1825. UAB WP3
Journal paper Mòdol L, Santos D, Cobianchi S, González-Pérez F, López-Alvarez V, Navarro X. NKCC1 activation is required for myelinated sensory neurons regeneration through JNK-dependent pathway. J Neurosci 2015, 35:7414-7427. UAB WP3
Journal paper Navarro X. Functional evaluation of peripheral nerve regeneration and target reinnervation in animal models. A critical overview. Eur J Neurosci 2016, 43:271-286. UAB WP3
Journal paper Stieglitz, T., Schuettler, M., Plachta, D.T.T.: Neuroprothetik heute und morgen. Orthopädie Technik 06/15, 32-37 (2015). ALU-FR WP3
Journal paper D'Anna E, Petrini FM, Artoni F, Popovic I, Simanić I,Raspopovic S, Micera S. A somatotopic bidirectional hand prosthesis with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation based sensory feedback EPFL WP3
Journal paper Arbat-Plana A, Cobianchi S, Herrando-Grabulosa M, Navarro X, Udina E. Endogenous modulation of TrkB signaling by treadmill exercise after UAB WP3
Journal paper Cobianchi S, Jaramillo J, Luvisetto S, Pavone F, Navarro X. Botulinum neurotoxin A promotes functional recovery after peripheral  UAB WP3
Journal paper Soler MD, Moriña D, Rodríguez N, Saurí J, Vidal J, Navarro A, Navarro X.Sensory symptom profiles of patients with neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury UAB WP3
Journal paper Krähenbühl SM, Čvančara P, Stieglitz T, Bonvin R, Michetti M, Flahaut M, Durand S, Deghayli L, Applegate LA, Raffoul W. Return of the cadaver: Key role of anatomic dissection for plastic surgery resident training CHUV  
Conference proceeding P. Cvancara and T. Stieglitz, “In-vivo investigation on the improvement of thin-film metallization adhesion in neural electrodes”, Proceedings of the annual conference DGMBT, Luebeck, Germany, page 396, 2015 ALU-FR WP3
Conference proceeding P. Cvancara, S. Lauser, L. Rudmann and T. Stieglitz, “Investigations on Different Epoxies for Electrical Insulation of Microflex Structures”, 2016 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC). IEEE, 2016 ALU-FR WP3
Conference proceeding Thomas Guiho, David Andreu, Victor Manuel Lopez-Alvarez, Paul Cvancara, Arthur Hiairrassary, Giuseppe Granata, Loïc Wauters, Winnie Jensen, Jean-Louis Divoux, Silvestro Micera, Thomas Stieglitz, Xavier Navarro, David Guiraud. “Advanced 56 channels stimulation system to drive intrafascicular electrodes”. ICNR 2016. October 18 -21, Segovia (2016). UM WP3
Conference proceeding Jensen W. Natural Sensory Feedback for Phantom Limb Pain Modulation and Therapy, International conference on neurorehabilitation (ICNR2016), Segovia, Spain, Oct 18-21, 2016 AAU Across
Conference proceeding Ulrika Wijk, Anders Björkman, Christian Antfolk, Isabella Björkman-Burtscher, Birgitta Rosén, Superior tactile discrimination in the phantom hand map in forearm amputee, IFSHT, Buenos Aires 2016. Lund University WP4
Conference proceeding Yoshida, K., Malec, J., Comoglio, C., Mosier, K., Lontis, R., Larsen, K., Navarro, X., Jensen, W., (2016) “Evaluation of the effect of sensory feedback on phantom limb pain in multi-center clinical trials”, International Conference on Neurorehabilitation (ICNR2016), Segovia, Spain. IUPUI WP1,
Conference proceeding Carpaneto J, Citi L, Raspopovic S, Rigosa J, Micera S. Controlling prostheses using PNS invasive interfaces for amputees EPFL  
Conference proceeding Cvancara P, Boretius T, Stieglitz T. Investigations on stability of implanted nervous thin-film electrodes ALU-FR  
Conference proceeding Petrini FM, Raspopovic S, Bonizzato M, Giambattistelli F, Zollo L, . Efferent microneurography recordings : a tool for motor control study and hand-prosthesis decoding  EPFL  
Conference proceeding Leroux H, Godary-Dejean K, Andreu D. Integrating implementation properties in analysis of Petri nets handling  UM2  
Conference proceeding Leroux H, Godary-Dejean K, Coppey G, Andreu D. Automatic handling of conflicts in synchronous Interpreted Time Petri nets implementation UM2  
Conference proceeding Jehenne B, Raspopovic S, Capogrosso M, Arleo A, Micera S. Recording properties of an electrode implanted in the peripheral nervous system : a human computational model.  EPFL  
Conference proceeding Stieglitz T,  Boretius T, Cvancara P, Guiraud D, Guiho T, Lopez-Alvarez VM, On biocompatibility and stability of transversal intrafascicular multichannel  ALU-FR  
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EU-Projekt EPIONE på facebook AAU Across
Banebrydende hjælp til amputerede AAU Across
Aalborg University YouTube channel: EPIONE - Phantom Limb Pain AAU Across
EU funds 6 million Euro for new tech  solutions to combat phantom limb pain AAU Across
Forskning i ny behandling af fantomsmerter får 45 millioner kroner i EU-støtte AAU Across
Forskere vil snyde kroppens fantomsmerter AAU Across
Fantomsmerter: Ny forskning skal snyde hjernen AAU Across
Kunstig hånd med ægte følsomhed testet af dansk patient AAU Across
Danske forsøgspersoner skal have elektroder opereret ind i nerverne AAU Across
Sådan taler elektroder hjernens sprog AAU
Fantomsmerter: Dennis' følende protese var kun begyndelsen AAU
En fantomsmerterevolution er på trapperne AAU
Forskere vil snyde hjernen AAU Across
La UAB participa en un projecte europeu per mitigar el dolor que apareix després d’una amputació UAB Across

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